SMP & Mono

SMP and Mono :

Depending on the computer for which we'll install Tiny core with RTAI features,
we need to make either a Mono or a SMP kernel AND RTAI modules built for it.
. Here to see all details

Process in short :

	1-Install a development environment - Tiny Core and tools, downloaded sources
		Dowload sources and patches

	2-Patch a vanilla kernel with RTAI patches
		-> kernel "RTAI"
	  then patch it with TCL patches & compile the kernel
		-> new kernel (should works in "base mode" with core.gz)

	3-Compile : config, make bzImage (= vmlinuz) & make modules
		-> new TinyCore "pathed real time" usable in graphic mode

		Then place modules in core.gz
		-> new initrd named core2.gz
	4-Run this new Tiny core and install RTAI tools, config RTAI
          make RTAI and install modules and suite.
		-> working real time Tinycore with lib RTAI installed

	5-Test with test-suite from RTAI
		-> ready to programm apps

	(6)- some good readings about all that 
may be usefull ... and save time. I wrote scripts for most of the steps. It saves time but these only can deal with the tree depicted here.